Voxxed Thessaloniki 2016


I am back home after a great Voxxed Days event in Thessaloniki and its a good chance to write a blog post about it (something I haven't done in ages). It was one of the most well organized conferences I've ever been so 'kudos' to organization team.

My talk

I spoke about 'getting started with microservices on kubernetes' and you can find my reveal.js presentation on github or if you prefer the dockerized version on dockerhub.

The talk itself went great and I really enjoyed it, especially after the ramp up time! I'll add some photos as soon as I get some.

Errata: I'd like to correct myself before anyone else does: "A pod will not get recreated if a container fails the liveliness probe, instead the container will restarted based on its restart policy.".

What I liked?

Conferences are all about people, and this conference had it all! I met lots of great people and also had the chance to meet a lot of friends that I haven't seen for a very long time. 

The place (rooms, surrounding) was also great (though as a speaker I did find the cinema room with the gargantuan screen a little bit intimidating. Just joking! Well actually not!).

I haven't talked about the excellent organization, haven't I?

What I didn't like

The fact that I was talking at the same time with Peter Hilton and I couldn't attend his talk (which from what I've heard was phenomenal).

Voxxed Days Athens

In the end of the conference Voxxed Days Athens was announced and I am really looking forward to it!