Learning Apache Karaf


During my easter vacation I had some spare time and I decided to take a closer look at Learning Apache Karaf by Jamie Goodyear, Johan Edstorm and Heith Kesler. The team of authors is well known to the Apache Karaf community, so I had no doubt that it would worth my while.

A first glance at "Learning Apache Karaf" 

I was expecting a smaller in size book, maybe something like a "starter" but the book is a 100 page book and it covers everything that a user needs in order to get up to speed with Karaf. On top of that it gets into details and can serve as a reference even for the more advanced users.

Diving deeper into "Learning Apache Karaf"

I found the book really pleasant to read. Even though I am an Apache Karaf committer myself and pretty familiar with its internals, the book kept my interest and made a really smooth read. The examples, the diagrams etc where "straight to the point" and the structure is such that it makes it really easy to find the topic that you are after.

A really great book, for a really great project. Thumbs up!

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