DevNation 2014

CamelOne + Judcon + Red Hat Connect Developer Exchange = DevNation

Starting from 2014 CamelOne will be part of a wider open source conference: DevNation.

DevNation 2014 will take place in San Fransisco on April 13 - 17.

Fabric8 @ DevNation

This year I'll be giving two talks at DevNation both related to Fabric8.

The first talk is going to be an introduction to Fabric8 and it will aim at people that want to know what Fabric8 is all about, the problems that it tries to solve, its architecture and its awesome features.

In the second talk we are going to dive deeper into Fabric8 and discuss on how you can code, provision and manage your application with Fabric8 in all different environments (private, public clouds, PaaS etc).

With the first community release of Fabric8 as an individual project right at the door, it's going to be a fantastic opportunity to learn about all the new stuff included in the release (and of course to have a beer or two).

See you there !!!

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