Red Hat acquires FuseSource: Shaping the Future

On 27 June 2012, Red Hat announced the acquisition of FuseSource. This move will definitely shape the future of OSS integration.

Of course, this is not "yet another blog post" about spreading the news, it's more like a "personal thoughts about the acquisition".

The past

When I started studying computer science back in the 90s, I needed a brand new PC to start working on. Before I even got that new PC, I made sure that I have my hands on the operating system of my choice:

My first Linux 

The last thing I could imagine back then, is that the company with the cool looking hat would acquire the company I am working at. And how could I? I would at least need a time machine in order to do so.

A time machine from Back to the Future

The present

Ironically enough, the time machine in the picture above (from the famous trilogy back to the future) was set, to travel to 27 June 2012 (the day the acquisition was announced). Which is just awesome, because it allows me to use it in this post and add a funny tone.

"Back to the Future" control panel
So here we are today. The acquisition is announced, FuseSource is joining Red Hat's Middleware division unit.

The future

So what happens next? Well, when you bring together teams of indisputable talent you open up so many possibilities, that is making the future really hard to predict.

Yoda: "Impossible to see, the future is"

One thing is for sure. The future will definitely be really exciting and this move will definitely shape the future of OSS integration.


I am really happy the FuseSource has found a new home. I am more excited the FuseSource new home is an open source company. In fact, the FuseSource development and business model is the one introduced by Red Hat, so this is a sign that both companies have a common understanding on how to do open source.

FuseSource provided me with the best job I've ever had, mostly due to the fact that I had the luck to work with highly skilled people. The possibility of working in a wider environment built on top of the same principals (high skill & extra coolness) can only be thrilling.

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