My JavaOne talk about Cellar

I am currently returning home from JavaOne 2011. I am at the airport of Munich waiting for my connecting flight to Athens. Once again the flight my flight is delayed and its a great chance to blog a bit about JavaOne.

Apache Karaf Cellar at JavaOne 2011
I had the chance to make a BOF about Karaf Cellar last Tuesday night. Even though the presentation was really late (20:30) and there were a lot of parties going on at this time (actually I was at the Jboss party right before my presentation) there were quite a few people that attended. The best part was that most of the people who attended were really eager to hear about Karaf & Cellar and I received a lot of great "straight to the point" questions. So I really enjoyed the talk and had a lot of fun.

I was worried that I would be really nervous, since I am not that used at public speaking, but I think the drinks I had in the Jboss party did the trick.

After the talk
Right after the talk I had the chance to have a few more drinks with Marios Trivizas, Chris Soulios, Adrian Cole, Chas Emerick & Toni Batchelli.

The FuseSource Booth
Apart from talking and attending other sessions at JavaOne, I also had the chance to spent a lot of time at the booth of FuseSource. Great chance to meet with people enjoying our services and also to talk with people interested in learning more about FuseSource Products & FuseSource success stories.

"There is no place like home"
Well, actually there is and is called San Francisco, but now I am back home & ready to dive into open source. I hope I'll have the chance to be there next year.

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